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I am Looking for the Best Architect in the industry for a large scale indoor grow in CA

Our company SBMI Group is a Real Estate company also venturing into Cannabis. We have acquired a few properties and are looking for the best architect in cannabis to design the most efficient build out.

Who is the best or most well known? Any suggestions


I am not involved with this company

A Master Grower, Master Planner and owner of CannaPanels- ASK FOR BRIAN

Canna Panels
10250 Constellation Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90067
[email protected]
(323) 499-3420

ASK FOR BRIAN, hands down an amazing multi faceted and CONNECTED designer. He is the person you want. just say “Charly” sent you". For every facet of the build and growing, ventilation, lighting he has been doing huge scale productions for many years!


Ill can help build. read plans and run the site . also make the grow mediums and handle any indoor plant work . We have top consultants .

Ralph T.

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Hi Brandon,

You might be interested in our GrowoniX recycling Nutrient Delivery Systems. Definitely one of the top yielding and most efficient growing methods. We also provide build-out consultations and believe we are tops in the efficiency game. Word of mouth up until recently.

Best Regards,


Hi Brandon,
This architectural firm comes recommended by a couple growers in SoCal.
PresVuksic’s Architecture
David Drake
[email protected]

If you have a good size grow, check out my automated cannabis packaging machine.