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I am seeking full time employment

Hello my name is ronnie,
I currently reside in Florida but I want more out of life. I wouldn’t mind traveling. With good product I can be a sales rep. I’ve distributed before and have some experience in growing. I really want and Need the opportunity with the right people.
Please help me support my family

Serious inquiries only

Lol…thanks man
Hopefully all goes well. I’m sick of my job and really wish that I could just get grounded in this field


Wish you luck with your goals and life stability. There are many things you can choose, sales is something you have or you don’t to go with. - This link opens opportunity to new specialities, you can get your certificate finish studies and have job after that instantly. I worked hard as I could now I work from office and can work from home. The thing is I’m aware how the world changes now. IT will be involved in almost everything and will cover everything around the world. Be ready for 5G and internet around the world as earth will not be the same. If you the best! Check it out, I think you will find something new for you!