I call her KarDes

Hey guys!

Here’s another update on one of my plants. I decided to chop her February 20th🙂

Any suggestions?


Looking tasty!


Dry and smoke lol :ok_hand:


Enjoy @snoopyrasz , that looks great, what strain? Why the name KarDes?


Thank you!
It’s one of those “reggie seeds” I put some love in, grown fully organic and I’m just excited tk see what it’ll taste like.

Hard to get real genetics here on the Island :pensive:

I call her KarDes because my friends Karin and Desiree are so interested in smoking it lol i went for that name. :rofl::joy:



Aruba, wow, awesome. Love your naming convention, and you going to make your two girlfriends smile. I am sure it will taste great, but just remember to dry it properly, and also cure it for a couple weeks in a jar. Sounds like a gap in your market, Jamaica is a top strain destination and loads of Canadians are bringing in commercial genetics. Lol below is the song I lived on as a kid going to an island, thought it was apt.


It’s funny there’s a beach called kokomo where I’m from lol. I listed Aruba because Curacao wasn’t an optio . It’s part kf the ABC Islands Aruba Bonaire and Curacao. I’m from the C Island.
But yeah Jamaica for sure !! I aim to bring that magnificent taste here to the Island people juat throw seeds and expect to get dank material and that just doesnt work you have to put a mot of time and effort in the plant and care for it, but I do believe there is (at least fow now) and underground market here.

Especially if I can get to the level of dispensary grade.

I will dry it properly and thought about curing for at least 3 weeks the try the first smoke to see where we’re at.


My suggestion…buy more papers lol.