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I can get by with a little help (and some detective work) from my friends

OK this only tangentially crosses growing in the home but since 90% of my home grow goes to making RSO and this is an (maybe) RSO question…it works here if you look at this side-ways.

Here is the deal. I have a little mystery and I would love to entertain suggestions from the peanut gallery as to a solution. The “facts” of the case:

  • I have a brain thing that has alot in common with Alzheimers so for the purposes of this discussion, I effectively have Alzheimers.

  • My wife was digging around in my grow/smoke stuff (funny how the two intersect) and came across five syringes in a baggie:

  • Now while I make most of my own RSO, that hasn’t always been the case and since RSO is a non-party drug, I often had to go store to store (dispensary) looking for it even two years ago. Point is I have gotten it from a lot of different sources.

  • The mystery or question is, is whats in those syringes RSO or something else? If else, what? Fundamental thing here is finding a way to test or determine their contents short of just swallowing the whole thing.

  • I have traditionally done the RSO shopping here (she about crapped when she saw what we spent on RSO and that may have been what sparked her interest in growing enough to make RSO on a regular basis. Just sayin) and I am the only one who could have memory of where they came from and I definitely don’t.

  • Not that this is terribly helpful but the viscosity of whatever is in them looks about right, and the size/bore of the needle on the end says to me whoever put that crap in that syringe knew it was going to be tough to spurt out the needle.

Now I am sure someone has a real common-sense way to sort this out and given what a pharmacy I made of my bod back in the 80’s I fear few chemicals. I do however have an aversion to intentionally doing something stupid since doing something stupid these days takes on a whole new set of pain…

Peace and good luck to us all…

My first single-cola plant experiment…

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Hey @lbdwarrior, I make rso with 80% of grows and have bought alot also. All the RSO I’ve ever had still smells good. I can tell those aren’t from a dispensary! They never sell them that way with such long blunt tip needles.
I have a lab in my state that I have test my flower and oil. I’m sure you could find 1 in your state, but each test runs over a $100 a pop. The smell test should be your best bet. I make my oil at a very low temp to retain as many Terps as possible and it still smells and tastes amazing!


You never bought RSO with those horse-needles on them? I have and recently too. Hell I got one batch from a local disp that had this ridiculous injector rig built into it, like they spent big bucks engineering that crap into the applicator, can’t even call it a syringe. What I would love to find is someone semi-local that would do custom RSO batches on contract. I have a particular need and have to face the facts that I won’t be able to do all this for myself much longer…in a perfect world, since I know my expiration date I would simply bulk-purchase all the RSO I will need for this lifetime in one go and be done with it…legislators would stroke out over that though…


They’re pretty strict with the packaging and labeling of all cannabis products in Oregon. It’s all sold a gram at a time. $40-50 each! Too expensive, but I get it takes alot of work to extract it. I really enjoy doing it and have worked out a great receipe. I bought a package of these cuz that’s what I’ve seen most grams come in.

Then the test results are stuck on with an non removable sticker, then put inside it’s own child proof package.
I’ve tried using blunt tip needles but precious oil get wasted up inside of them. Not much, but I go the extra mile to get every last bit of medicine out of my flower.
I’m curious if the sniff test worked for ya?