I can't keep up with all the open jobs in my database

Hey everyone :wave:

I literally have so many jobs in my database that I can’t keep up with all of them. I currently have 4114 open positions…273 new positions (new jobs posted since I last checked on Friday).

I can’t possibly post all these jobs on the Inweed job board so I decided to start a newsletter.

I check over 180 different company job boards every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and send out the newly posted jobs.

You basically choose what state you want (I also add the remote ones as a bonus). That’s it.

Just to give you an idea…today’s top 3 states were:

  • 37 jobs in Michigan
  • 33 jobs in Florida
  • 21 jobs in California
  • 9 Remote jobs

And today was a SLOW day.

Anyway, let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day!

Here is the link to sign up:


How does one access your newsletter/job openings info? Any in Washington State? I’m open to remote work, too. Thanks in advance!


Nevermind LOL … took initiative and found it and noticed the indeed reference LOL


Sorry, it would have helped if I provided a link!


Just edited the post to include sign up link.


LOL well, it sounded like you had a lot going on. I’m looking to start working again in January and want to do something I feel passionate about, so this is perfect timing to learn about your site. Thanks again.


Cool! Good luck with the job search.

I’m also trying to build out some jobseeker tools…I currently have a resume/cover letter generator.

You fill out a few fields and it creates a moving, breathing online resume you can share digitally or if you need to, can export to PDF. It automatically generates a cover letter and resume in PDF form.

Not everyone has access to create a PDF document, and editing them can be pretty tedious.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback!

BTW, you have to signup and create an account on Inweed.io to use the resume generator.


I applies to EVERY industry, retail or commercial, if you are able bodied have a brain; if you’re not working it’s because you don’t want to. The company I retired from has been asking me to come back to work for months, and it would be the THIRD time back if I decide to go. But at 70 I’m not real interested.


I don’t blame you!! I wouldn’t go back to work at 70 either :grin: