I don’t know if I topped my auto plant right

What happens if I didn’t top my plant correctly?

it’s growing this way .


You seem to have trimmed up some leaves. And topped the very top node. Seemingly ok.


I topped one of my autos on accident. (Grabbed wrong pot) my bad. Ended up moving her outside she is getting pretty bushy compared to the ones not putting out way more colas. So I guess it’s a plant and as long as you don’t go disrupting an autos root system and feed properly she’s gunna grow regardless. A lot of growers do like to normally grow their first of every strain out normally to see structures etc. Especially if they are going to be doing some breeding. As for my experience with the autos I’ve done the topped one is taking longer but is making way more colas so sets that plant back probably 2 to 4 weeks vs one of the same strain that grew normal. So basically to each your own my opinion it’s an auto let it do its thing if you’re looking for a quick harvest and also breeder time is normally a terrible thing to put your heart to. These breeders normally are running better equipment then the average Tom Dick or Harry. For example I don’t have the best lights for flower making it take longer for mine to finish up then some of the guys here. But they do still finish up nicely if conditions are followed up on etc. Oh yeah as far as if you topped correctly sure looks topped to me. Good stuff