I got bit by the grow bug my outdoor grow was a success now time for indoor?

Hey guys so I’m thinking about buying a grow tent. The one I’m looking at is 3 x5 3 x 5 by 6 ft . How many plants will I be able to fit in this and what are some good specs for the lightning? Thank you as always


This might help you decide tent size. I would base light selection on tent size you decide on and your budget.


Thank you this is really helpful


Opinions on high press sodium bulbs? I’m guessing they are terrible but this used one I’m going to buy comes with that . Guessing I should buy an LED way more efficient.


I really couldn’t say I’ve only used LED’s in my grows.


@spades90 Check around the forum. There are more than a few threads on lights, PAR meters, and even some DIY options. More than one of these nerds build their own systems and there is a lot of info on parts and drivers and such.

I started with a cheap Spider Farmer 2X4 kit that came with a light and inline fan and such. It was a solid way to start and I was able to grow over 10 harvests before I retired it. I used the original light until grow #8 and upgraded it. I still use the old light for mothers and clones that I keep for emergencies and it has served me well.


They grow great bud but the cost to run them is the issue. Super costly on the pocket where as one time higher price for a solid led will save u hundreds per month on electric costs. I cut cost in half so far using led from my lights pluse I use a lot more watts now at least cost. I had a 400w mh setup and a few blurples cost me like almost 3 bills a month to run now I have like 17p0w from wall in lights plus fans AC and dehuey and I’m half the cost per my month so savings is a ton I’d say. Get a reputable led and. All it good from the start save money all around after that. I run hlg and love them but I see great success with spider farmer and mars hydro next light has some pretty bad as slights also their mega light is sweet and from what I’ve seen puts out killer bud hope u find what u want. For tents if u r gonna do photos I’d say 4x4 or 5x5 atleast otherwise ur looking at possible 1 plant per grow if u wanna veg them a little bigger. One photo will fill a 3.5x3.5 easy


will cost you at .33 a kilowatt 64.00 US dollars a month

not so spendy :slight_smile:


Any good graphs or calculator’s to figure out which light is best for the specific size tent?



Check this out it gives a good idea to decide on lights for your tent.


Thank you for this . I did the calculations and with a sq ft of 12.25 its telling me I should get a lamp with about 365 watts so its more towards 400 watts. I’m looking for lights and they aren’t cheap lol but I know you get what you pay for . I’m guessing a 300 watt lamp would work but not as good . Any advice guys ? How big of a difference from the 300 watt to the 400 watt make ? Kind of a big purchase so I want to make sure I have confidence in what I’m buying


Some of the things I look at when checking out grow lights is the par chart, coverage and if it has a way to decrease or increase light intensity and if side lighting needs to be added. *** UPDATE*** I forgot to add is it a full spectrum light.


Hey mark can you give me some input on my last comment?


Have u looked at spider farmer and mars hydro. They have great lights also but I was convinced to get hlg glad I did they r great but u can get the same results from Mars and spider farmer. If ur in legal state seek marketplace and search led grow lights and see what pops up.


@spades90 " I got bit " :frowning:

I was done for the year and was about to take a break

read your thread and thought, I would like to grow inside also I am legal here for six in flower

and six in veg

I have way too much space and way too much light as it is setup now

I will work my six flowering plants to start with in a 4 foot by 4 foot footprint

probably 3 gallon pots maybe 5 gallon with soilless and a single part fertilizer

I was going to use LEDs but will just use a 600 watt MH/HPS electronic ballast

I will work from clones or may buy some teens from a local vendor to try his work

if I can get over grown teens at a good price

veg 3 - 4 weeks

flower for 8 - 10 weeks and done next run use my own clones

good luck need to post in my own thread

my two cent if you are looking at LEDs someone else built

what driver are they built with? what Diode are the boards built with? if one dies what will the maker

do and for how long?

all the best and grow well



I ended up buying a 450 watt spider farmer! I just got the tent up and running ten minutes ago . First indoor grow ever for me .I’m gonna give it a go with a purple haze, two blackberry moon rocks and a velvet lushers . Believe me you guys will see pics lol


Sweet I’ll follow and watch


Homie, as a guilty party, I say this outta love for the plant. You need to give a lady at a minimum a 2x2. I applaud your ambition. There is a long way to go, before you may have to thin the herd. With that said, your tent will be at max capacity with three grown ladies. If you are hell bent on four, look into a SCROG. Not a net. Hard braiding. Just my two cents. I’m crowded but have floor space to spread and move my light, but not much. I have to contain all madness in the tent, and my girl is happy.

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