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I got to visit the MassRoots office

@zk1 was nice enough to invite me to check out the MassRoots office. They’re in the heart of Denver in the 16th street pedestrian mall area. They’re on the second floor of a lovely old brick building:

Their iconic sign was temporarily down for cleaning and renovation:

The IT nerd in me wanted to clean up the wiring of their network corner in the background :slight_smile:

They have a nice open office plan with some people on standing desks They’re in the middle of growing their staff so it’s getting a bit tight in their current space:

They have a room just for filming and recordings. They’d just finished making a Star Wars themed action figure montage, since it was Star Wars Day (May the 4th):

Nicely appointed meeting room:

And what Colorado business would be complete without the office pet? Unfortunately this one is recovering from an injury:

Thanks for the tour Zack!


The whole MassRoots team is great. Love those guys!

Thanks for sharing your tour!