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I’m a bit stumped

My babies had a run in with spider mites and shit has just gone downhill from there. I believe with the combined effort of my predator mites and neem spraying that I fought them off (no more webbing and can’t find any under leaves after thorough search). After recovering and having growth spurts a few weeks later I’ve seen these new symptoms. I don’t think it’s spider mites again because I don’t see the white spots like I did before, ph is fine, I do live soil and supplement if they look a little light which has never been an issue. Posting some pics, it’s not all of my plants but a few

A couple more pics, root rot? CalMag deficiency?

Hate when that happens… I’m new to this so I wouldn’t be able to help … good luck !

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Man thats hard to pinpoint. Definatly a deficiency. Maybe magnesium or zinc.

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Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. A bit hard to call though ughhhh, thanks for input! Maybe @scotty17 will chime in at some point and give his 2 cents too

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What kind of spray are you using. I started using an organic homemade spray witch works great. Mix two tbsp, dish soap( dawn is plant safe) with 1pint of vegetable base oil and mix well. When you want to spray for bugs or just giving a misting, this recipe has been doing me right

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Honestly brother @districtflora I haven’t dealt with too many issues besides my over feeding and mites but it may be root rot I’ve been researching and looks very similar to what you have going on… Plus the light green could be calmag or nitrogen deficiency… Whats your feed like?

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2 quick questions.

1: Does your soil stay soaked or do you let it dry a little before refeeding?

2: Did you do the…When in doubt, Flush it out. Meaning; PH the water and do a fresh feeding to help flush the soil and roots out.
Also make sure the ph meter you use is calibrated. Your water ph will be important for this. These are the first things I go Straight to when trouble shooting a garden.

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Did neem with soap and water mix, there’s was some burn from me doing it not long before lights flicked on but it recovered. I’m thinking it’s more of a deficiency issue now

No feed, just water. They looked amazing up until the spider mites. Maybe it just took a lot out of them because they recovered then showed this different set of issues. Think I’ll try compost tea instead of nutes (which I’ve never tried before) because even when I use minimal amount of nutrients I get burn so I can’t tell what my soil does and doesn’t need. Also, root rot may be an issue but I just transferred and didn’t get the smells and all so idk.

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Yeah, I flushed the ones with issues and PH is fine. They were drying out a waaay too quick so I had to transfer them so any damage from over drying shouldn’t be an issue for now. Either there’s an unidentified pest, root rot, or some type of deficiency. Think one of those issues is the culprit

Link up with @Ladithief brother guys a master in living and teas you won’t regret it… Maybe just cut out the affected and see what happens @districtflora