I need a website built and hosted

Im looking for someone who can build a site, make the domain, aswell as hosting. This isnt something that can be done on these templete websites. i need a free standing site. It will be where i would like to post genetics for sale. No im not using the unnamed website everyone talks about. I want to build something similar, but different. If you can do this job please get back to me ASAP. @ethan any ideas who could help? it shouldnt be very hard really.

I have breeders to pay, a family to feed. this is my bread and butter as it has been for many years. If you have the ability to do this, Private message me lets talk.


SquareSpace for any non e-commerce transactions. 8 to 12 per month buy a year. E-commerce different problem. Put you seed catalog on online. We can automatically generate the pages from your spreadsheet and photo file. Put a contact me about x cultivar button. We use Microsoft to host your domain $5 dollars a month. We create group mailboxes for each spreadsheet item or just use sales group mailbox. Email back and forth and don’t us the mail :roll_eyes:. We have to stay with the law. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In Squarespace turn the CAPTCHA services, public msg control, you are not a machine. You have seen them. I think strainly use one to create an account.

Done. Call me for detail. We can use my test domain and a 14 day free trial to test a proof of concept. Couple hours on the phone you watch me via a screen share.

The three rules of IT

  1. Buy a service before you build. Code cost lots of money about $1 per year per line if you build it.
  2. Change your process to fit the application you want to uses. Not the other way around.
  3. If you think you need a line of custom code. Do you gross a million in annual sales? If you answered this yes I will allow you to think about a costume solution. If you answered no go back to point one. Owning and feeding a piece of custom software is like one full time employee. Can you pay anyone 30k a year? No. Pick a package.

If one more Wordpress site come across my desk I will :cry:.

Tom, give me a call and I will demo you a solution. In the meantime just look at the feathered sites on Square Space and find a style that interest you. We can use a site I own and play with the look and feel. If you can use word you can use SSpace.

With the good products, to many to list. The issue is not code but content. If you want a 1/2 and 1/2 solution or want to spend less than 10 per month we just use Microsoft domain management services it free with on business subscription. Cheapest business plan. $5 or $8 per month. $5 if you pay for a year or $60. Done.

We use one of your godaddy domains. I would strongly recommend ether of these to approach’s.

Tom for you pick the second one. We can again use a one of my domain holders at Squarespace and play with a custom site. All the features. Doesn’t cost either of us anything but some time. I am already paying. I have a $5 seat unoccupied within my domains. I can set you up a restricted admisrators account. You can’t hurt me. I can’t see you. It a line of business tool, built into windows services. I only see you hold one of my seats.

Here is the link for Microsoft pricing https://products.office.com/en-us/business/small-business-solutions?lml=false#sku-comparison-table

Remember, my relationship with Microsoft is my only conflict of interest, I personally hold Microsoft stock and my family hold Microsoft stock and my brother just retired from Microsoft. This is my one financial and only disclosure that affects cannabis.

From the voices in my head.
Ethan :upside_down_face: