I need photos!

Hi group,

I would like photos of the bottom of leaves at each stage of growth.

  1. Close up pictures, fill the frame.
  2. iPhone 7, it has a 12 megapixel camera. This will give me 0.1 mm resolution at 3x5 inches frame size.
  3. Raw format
  4. Verity
  5. Stage of growth.
  6. Spider mite pictures are a plus. But, I need both clean and infected.
  7. If you have an infestation please rate. Low, medium or high.

What I am going to use the snaps for? I want to try to profect auto count spider mites. I want to work on the math to do reverse histograms for auto counting.

I want to help everyone be a better grower.

From the voices in my head


FYI, because the pictures are so large, you’ll likely need to upload them to a separate site, like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Google Photos and post the link here.

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I will create a secure location. Give me a day or two


I have a One Drive Folder with one terabyte of storage. The site is encrypted. I don’t pay anything for using this site Microsoft is a friendly company to me. :grinning:

This folder uses a separate encryption key from my primary account. The encryption is a RSA based 512k key.

There is one problem the site requires me to send an invitation to the people submitting photos. I want to respect people’s privacy.

I really don’t have any privacy left.

Can we work out a way to for members to submit photos security to this site?

I proposed two options

  1. For growers who are OK with me having there email address they can privately message me and I will send them an invitation.

  2. For growers who wish to remain anonymous. Can the admins of growers network create an account and do the upload to the site? Or a blind email and I will create access to this account and we can publish the address and password.

  3. Here is my email address [email protected]


For sure – If growers want to submit photos, they can email you directly or PM you with their email. If they really want to be super anonymous, we can work something further out, we’ve got options.