I really did it this time!

If you have read much of my s*it postings. You know I’m not a big dispensary shopper. However due to recent events in my personal life. I needed some meds quick. Lucky for me I live in LA. I walk two blocks turn left. Take ten steps. Boom I’m at MedMen. For those who don’t know about them. They are a chain dispensary they have a lot of shops in multiple states. Doing quite well from what I saw.
Check in was easy. Dude scans my ID. Two minutes I’m inside. The shop feels contemporary yet modern. The products all displayed very nice specimens. Plenty of happy workers ready to assist. Prices were good. Overall I enjoyed the experience. However I was in and out in less then five. I’d say 10/10

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Wait, what happened to the detox?
Let us know how the new strain works!

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Well my wife had surgery on our anniversary. That was Friday. We are still in the hospital. I picked up a .25 disposable pen. The bloom sky walker. I’m not a big fan of concentrates. Far too harsh.