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I Think Facebook Censorship is Real, Do You?

Dear GrowersNetwork,
This is happening, see the link below… I just got denied by Facebook when I applied to promote our latest video, Part 4 (though strangely Part 3 was accepted). Facebook said it was inappropriate content, yet everything in the video is regarding a family-run legal operation for compassion centers… Well to my GrowersNetwork friends, I hope you are having better luck - In 6 months I’ve applied about 10 times and I’m about a 50% acceptance rate, even on educational content.:seedling: Could it be the petition I signed this morning by National Cannabis Industry Association regarding stopping this type of censorship?! Click this button to encourage Facebook to Stop Censoring Marijuana Industry, Advocacy Groups, and Regulators.


Medici Products and Solutions Part 4: Growing With LEDs

Published by [Rebecca Knight]


Welcome to Part 4: Growing With LEDs! There are a variety of reasons growers use LED technology for both small and large indoor growing operations. For some it is to lower operating costs, to utilize a more plant-friendly broad spectrum, or to tie into control and sensor network systems. For others it is driven by economics and decreasing commodity prices, or due on power restrictions. In this episode, learn why Chris made the switch to LEDs for his family-run Rhode Island medicinal Cannabis facility and opted for LEDs for his upcoming Massachusetts facility. Customer flower images grown under BIOS Lighting LEDs from across North America are also shown. Look for other episodes in this series to learn more about Chris and his New England operations.

Every customer has a story. Meet Chris Roy at his family-run legal Cannabis Operation in Rhode Island. Follow the journey from humble beginnings to a giant future…!

Part 1: Humble Beginnings
Part 2: Helping People
Part 3: Learning Through Science
Part 4: Growing With LEDs
Part 5: A Giant Future
@growopowners @mastergrowers @DispensaryOwners @BIOS_Lighting_JL


Thx Rebecca,

I signed the petition and agree with your goal to get Facebook out of the dark ages.

Joseph Friedman RPh
Chief Executive Officer

PDI Medical

Professional Dispensaries of Illinois

1623 Barclay Blvd

Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

224-377-9734 Office
224-436-1634 Cell

847-947-8896 Fax

[email protected]


That’s great to hear, thanks for the email Joseph!

Best regards,



Facebook is not a platform for advertising I agree with them because I am getting ready to drop them because of this same reason TOO MUCH ADDS


Actually I agree with that from a personal standpoint, but for business accounts it seems they make it so you have to pay in order to have your posts viewed, and the stakes have gone up. The same model in instagram. I’ve tested our instagram as both personal and business accounts and the former seems to gets more organic traffic. Once you make it professional it slows down and they want you to pay for engagement…at least that’s how it seemed after 2 weeks testing, though I don’t have hard data…


Genuine question as a Canadian…

Here it’s going to be legal on a federal level. Yes there are restrictions to where and how we can advertise, but nothing specific to social media. So as long as we only target demographics of legal ages, then technically we should be allowed to advertise on Facebook with no issues. My research has yet to show me a reason why they would deny me and I would be willing and able to fight that in court if they blocked me.

Thay being said, do you see Facebook censoring cannabis in the US still once it’s legal federally and those boundaries have been established? I don’t think so personally. All they’re doing is protecting their company by following federal laws, as they are bound by those laws in the country the operate.

I understand what you are doing and I applaud your efforts, however I must wonder, why do you feel it is necessary to be proactive about it vs. sitting on your eggs waiting for them to hatch like here in Canada?

Again, just curious and mean no offence. The US market and movement is very different from here and it genuinely fascinates me.


I’m inclined to agree with bryan here that it will filter out once it becomes legal on a federal level - most likely, however FB is very much a ‘cog in the machine’ at this point so if the ‘higher ups’ don’t want it promoted on there then I think they will have the last say.

CBD is legal in UK, and my brother has a company selling CBD oil droppers and CBD infused e-cig vape juice. But they aren’t allowed to advertise on FB either. Having said that I’m unsure if cannabis with less than 0.2% THC content considered hemp and a legal source of CBD in the US?

FB is just bad though. Echochambers, bans by algorythms etc. Plus they’ve started rating users - which is pretty orwellian and a scary slippery slope.


It’s real, scary, and my favorite word of the thread: ORWELLIAN (thanks, @mugs-n-shoes!)! We welcome your cannabis conversations, pics, pro tips, videos and everything else CANNABIS! Drop FB for GN!


I’m pretty sure I check GNet more often than Facebook now. GNet IS my Facebook. Haha!


You know, I’m not entirely sure what their response will be once it goes federal in the US. For example, YouTube demonetizes videos associated with sex or drugs, so they may still have a “puritanical” spin on it even after legalization. I imagine the same might be true for Facebook.


You know you bring up a good point.

Perhaps the stigma is just to strong for them to be able to pull those sticks outta their asses!


I’m clicking on the link to sign the petition and its not working for me.

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Unfortunately, Facebook is a private company and can do as they wish. That means censorship as they see fit. I agree wholeheartedly that this is wrong, but it is their prerogative to block content they don’t like. They censor a LOT of groups but it seems that the Cannabis Industry and Conservatives are the main targets - which is illogical to begin with.

I agree with @mugs-n-shoes, the level of Orwellian Big Brother crap is scary. I just posted an image that they found MY face in a group wedding pic with nearly 50 people in it and asked me if I wanted to tag myself in the image. I am barely recognizable, but they knew it was me.


Try this link which was the “share” link:

Or this one which I copied from my browser:

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Thanks that on worked!