I think my grow is destroyed

G’day my dudes,

first of all: I’m sorry for my english , I’m not a native speaker.

second of all: I think I fucked up my grow.

I had a beautiful amnesia haze growing and growing and the buds were awesome, they looked really good and all. But since a few days the plant started to grow out some little branches… like they are coming straight from the bud.

We use an LED with 3 types of light:
-blue light (I checked it up and its all good for growing)
-red light (same here)
-and now theres a thing in between with both types of light

Because I have underestimated the space I have to grow enormously, I decided to use the both-types-of-light-thingy so every piece of plant can get some Light.

I can’t find anything that is showing the problem of branches growing out of the bud.

Please don’t think I am retarded, it’s my first grow but I really think I fucked it up.

A second plant is growing at the same time, under the same light but without any problems.

I’m left with confusion, please help me out! :smile:

I wish you all a nice evening, or start into the day (depends where you are from)


Got pictures?


Agreed with @KevGrows could use some pics to see it. Have suspicion might be foxtailing but need to see really for anyone to help.

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I completely suck at welcoming new peeps to the forum so had to come back :grin:

Welcome to the forums, there are a ton of great people here to help with any grow issue or questionsyou might have. Hope you enjoy your time here. Great place to learn what ya dont know…


That is the headbud of the amnesia

If you need a picture of the fine critical, let me know.


Nah, it was a fine welcome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Welcome to GN.

You definitely have some foxtailing and it looks like that one is trying to reveg.

What is your light schedule? (Sorry if I missed that up thread)


Looks like “foxtailing”. It can happen from too much heat.

Are the two plants from 2 different seeds? If so, each seed is unique and may show slightly different appearance and have different qualities. These are the reasons growers do a “phenotype hunt” or pheno hunt, to find the single plant that has the qualities the grower is looking for, then it will be cloned or used to breed because of its qualities.


Well shit, it is bad foxtailing and the foxtailing has grown. Is there any way to recover from this?


Is that plant is re-vegging. What light schedule? I swear that’s re vegging! @mudman


No you didnt, currently its 12/12.
I should give her less light I presume…
Is there any way to fix this? :confused:

Is there any light leaks at night? A power strip with a lighted on switch? I revegged a lot of plants and that is dead on what happens. Im gonna go get pics of them well compare Them. @mudman i didn’t see your last bit about it re-vegging. Im sure you hit the nail on the head.


Guys, this is my first grow.
It is a Jack Herer Auto Plant. Mid-way into flowering. Don’t know why the leaves have turned like that. Can someone please help out? Thanks!

In order for us to better help you figure your problem out you should make an introduction thread so we can learn about you and your grow in a dedicated conversation.


Sorry to barge in on this thread! I’m still figuring out how to use this platform. Will do so


[quote=“bow4buck, post:4, topic:44198”]
I completely suck at welcoming new peeps to the forum so had to come back
[/quote] Thanks for the smile, you are too kind and welcoming.

@leckmedo Welcome to GN and thanks for sharing a picture. How many weeks into flower?

Foxtailing is also a trait of haze genetics, I think @PreyBird1 might be on to something, light leaks. Also look at the curly burnt leaf tips.

It’s a problem with your nutrition, I cant tell you what kind tho.
But look for most common nutrition problems and you will find what youre looking for I believe

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I dont really know, my friend isnt good in english (and I didnt grow it) so I’m doing this on the forum for him. He says the first sign for change into flowering were there in the third week of january.

It’s not a big problem. The plant will not reverse to look different as it continues to mature.

The plant will still grow and get you high. It will just look very fox tailed when compared to flowers from other cannabis plants. I personally like weird looking weed😉.

What is the temperature of your grow?


I have 4000 pictures but i found them. Sorry there wet. But you can see the reveg. @leckmedo