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My name is Yadira, I was born in Ecuador, I am not perfect English speaker but I like to express my thoughts!
See my unt show me the Palm Seed, and I immediately thought the connection between Marijuana Seed and Palm Seed,
Do you think :thinking: I am crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!
I believe you can see too, take aside all your worries and issues and problems aside from your brain!

Picture My Seed Tagua Seed and Your Seed Marijuana Seed!
Both turn into Long lasting benefits for humanity.
Don’t you think?



Hola Yadira! I’m very happy to have you here and we can definitely work with any language issues you may have.

I do NOT think you are crazy! I think your heart is in the right place for sure! We are just trying to limit soliciting and marketing here on Growers Network as we are trying to grow the software platform. I think we can work together to bring your message to the members here.

If you are ever uncertain about content you might want to post, please feel free to private message me and we can work together!

I love the pics you took to illustrate your point!

P.S. porque naci in Tucson, AZ, y estoy muy cerca de la frontera de los EUA y Mexico, y porque tambien tengo muchos amigos en mi oficina y mi vida quien se hablan espanol, estoy aqui para ayudar. :wink:

I hope I said that right, it’s all coming from my brain, so forgive any errors.


I have several palms that develop thousands of wild escapee plants that are I never see until they are 3" high.
I only wish cannabis would be as accommodating. Lol. I think the fact that they are usually partially digested by myna birds before they hit the ground helps with germination but I refuse to experiment with my cannabis seed and my canary.


Growenick, gracias por hablarme en español, eso calmó mi angustia.
Como usted sabe, yo no soy un cultivador pero estoy tratando de promover la idea de imprimir su nombre en una semilla más grande de lo que es La semilla de Marijuana, es como dando esta semilla a sus consumidores de marijuana Estubieran sembrando en el interior de esas personas para que los frutos sean el que ellos sigan consumiendo cannabis de sus warehouses.

Creo que cada uno de los que están aquí están vendiendo algo! Y yo tengo que a prender a vender mi producto sin vender de frente a los cultivadores de marijuana o retailers,

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Dan, the benefit is

Enjoy Cannabis


Creo que si! De nada, y lo siento porque mi espanol es mal (ingles es mi lengua primero). Tienes un producto nuevo y tienes ganas de vender esta producto. Por supuesto y comprendo. Pero esta systema tenemos aqui a la Growers Network is una systema de informacion para cultivar mota y cultura de la planta mota. No es para vender los productos o los cosas tangibles. Vendemos ideas y informacion. Estoy aqui para ayudar con tus publicaciones nuevos. Por favor, en caso de duda, mandame tus publicaciones nuevos (especialmente cuando intentando vender tus cosas o productos) antes de publicar.

Estoy aqui para ayudar con todos sus problemas de GNET!

Feliz Dia


If Your child is Sick and you believe that Cannabis Comedown His/Her Pain, I believe you would let the Cannabis work in His/Her Body.

If they are Healthy, Would you Prefer they Select to consume Marijuana at an adult age, where they will be more aware of their actions! And IF they consume, it will be FOR GOOD Doing!

Like it or not Authorities would like to see How do we behave with the substance of Cannabis in our bodies!
Would you get disappointed with your Kids for consuming marijuana at 12 years old?
Tell me what do you think :thinking:

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