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Identify the strain?

First grow and if its possible from the photos is anyone able to help identify the strain?


You cannot identify strains from pictures. But welcome to the forum and nice plant! It looks to be an indica! Where did you get the seed from? Is it bag seed?


@apatrick welcome to GN. Very difficult to identify a plant from a picture, probably impossible with no extra details. LIke @preybird1 says it does look like indica dominant variety, maybe an auto. It is a lovely looking plant and colors.


My wife grew the plant with a seed she just had put away. It was so long ago we don’t remember what it really came from. Not bought though.


Like everyone already said, impossible to tell strain by pics, but I will take a huge wild guess and say it has blueberry in there somewhere, no particular reason, it just reminded me of the last one I grew lol. Looks great though!