If a big seed is found in some high quality bud can u grow it.is the seed most likely a male or female

So i was smoking so bomb bud in found one big seed in it and now trying to grow it .wondering if it could b male or female can u help

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You can certainly grow it. But you will only know if its a male or female when it starts budding. Pop it in some soil and see.


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But, it would be easier to answer you if you start a journal and ask your questions there. It will be easier for you to keep track of answers and we will not have to give the same information twice. :nerd_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m just saying this because you asked that question in another thread

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The Female is the only one that bud males don’t how u can know the difference is put the seed or seeds in a cup of water put the cup in a window seel where the sun shines through the most in about 1 day or 2 certain ones going to buss open u be able to see the root in the seed that’s the female the ones that’s still shut is the males.

And once u plant them the next day it sprout as well

So to be CFB you are maintaining that all female seeds germinate before males? That kinda flies in the face of the fact that males always express sex first when flowering but I am of limited experience…


I don’t know if that “bro science” works… but idk… i have heard of some crazy shit with this plant but like @lbdwarrior said the males show sex earlier so that means only one thing they mature faster… so I think the thought the females show tap first don’t add up… but again I am now where that deep in my cannabis botany


Well in humanity the female mature faster than a male does… thing is the males just flower that’s all they do the female gets knocked up in way way meaning they bud the weed…this is also off experience with growing I did what I said planted the females cracked open seed in one pot the still closed seed in another the female cracked open grow weed while the other grew flowers it’s said u can boil the male flowers and get drunk off them I never tried it…In addition that was my first successful yield

Humanity is a proven fact that females mature faster than males plants not so different weed plant wise

Very loosely put yep thats basic plant husbandry but it still has nothing to do with the sex of a plant prior to flowering, plants are not humans and in every single grow I did with reg (male/female) seeds in 23 out of 23 cases across two separate crops of Exorcist, Space Queen and Black Romulan, the male always showed sex up to ten days prior to the females of the same strain/seed batch. Perhaps I just got really unlucky; seeds came from a variety of sources, they were all germinated and vegged under the same light and feed. Less than a week after flipping to flower, the males showed up and the females remained featureless for another five days. To my understanding there isn’t way outside of expensive tech to even begin to know whats going on inside the seed.

All of that said, this would be beyond simple to prove. Start ten reg seeds, keeping each labelled and writing down in which order they germinated. Then taking those ten to flower, even if still quite young you could see the sex and make a determination. Probably should do more than 10 but to be frank I already know how it will turn out and do not wish to waste seeds needlessly…


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“Bro science” at its finest loke dont ya know if a seed has more defined round depressions where it attaches to the plant its frmale and if its flat its male ive tried many different "methods"like that and its all silly 50/50 chance i have suspected a male due to node spacing or plant structure and turned out female idk man just talking from my own experience


I agree 100% @lbdwarrior


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I was breaking it down nature wise if you will…but how many of you guys had a successful yield growing is my first question? Secondly for those that have you telling me a male seed plant produced your yield (buds)? Again, I’ve completed a yield by planting my seed that broke open which sprouted the very next day also it budded . Also, the seed that wasn’t busted open which took 2-5 days just to sprout just flowered no buds.Physical evidence now wealthier you call the one that budded a male and the one that didn’t bud a female. Or the other way around. If you look into a simple weed plant it’s physical properties that the male hold. And the female hold the female give u weed the male don’t By the properties the male has vs the properties the female has. which it’s physical evidence of that with weed plants. look into it and show me any article that google offer saying male plants or seeds product buds (yields), how you can know the difference in the too buy some seeds and if you notice all sites you buy weed seeds from you see they offer 2-10 female seeds of a strain from 40-200 dollars or you can maybe buy 100 for less than $100 that’s because it’s 50/50 in that 100 seeds some male some female. You know for sure 7 female weed seeds will give you 7 yields that’s why female weed seeds on websites you can buy them from offer both or just females seeds

Well if successful yield is your yard-stick, lets see.2015 x 4 crops per year plus two outside for the first four years (spring/fall trick you can do in the desert), carry the one…I don’t know I sorta lost track when I switched to the full continuous harvest model some years ago where there are no well-defined crops…so I don’t know, two dozen I guess but hey I am really new at this and have a shit-ton to learn yet, these other guys and gals have been doing it so long, I think some of them taught Moses how to grow pot…me, I am a young 'un comparitively speaking…

My first grow: GSC Thin Mints, Cherry Pie and the less said about Bubba Kush, the better…


If I had ten reg seed all I would do is put them in a cup of water put the cup in the sun or a window seal where sunlight shine the one that opens up and u can see the root of the plant them the ones I plant them the ones that bud out of ten u be lucky to have one open unless u buying strictly female seeds at that point I seen sites offer 50 to 100 of female strains but they cost hundreds of dollars too

@lbdwarrior I’m just saying what I know about seeds male and female I have had 4 successful yields in the last four years by doing the cup trick with the seeds putting them in water and sitting the cup in the window seal in the sun 2 days flat they open up sprout the next day this what happened after it’s open and planted it budded each time I don’t know it all but I know how to separate a male from a female and I know the difference in the two off growing myself

I played with reg seeds back in the day but frankly gave up messing with them and went with straight femmed seeds or clones made from those seeds ever since the LBD ate enough of my brain to make messing with sexing plants just not worth it. I have had to simplify many things in the name of still growing but I have, and am still growing, so there is that at least.

I have the ten seeds but not the …environment for them now, its all being used by the trellis project

BUT that should wrap in about 45 days or a little less and we can all watch this happen…it shall indeed be an amazing sight! :slight_smile:

Now that I think on it, that might play right into a slightly different grow project/journal I was thinking of doing here, a 12/12 from seed project. That would seem to get us to sex confirmation stage quicker is my guess.

That but not all of the seeds bust open… now I’m from Detroit Michigan back in the day when I was learning i use to buy hella weed before we was legal recreational and medical I may had over 20 seeds out the 20 only 2 to 5 opened up the rest stayed closed so that’s how I figure them apart and I planted them they grew and budded is all I’m sayin the ones that didn’t open still grew they just flowered…now days we have dispensary’s in Detroit because now Michigan is recreational as well as medical weed is legal if your 21 or older u can be a caregiver and legally grow up to 5 plants in your house at at time you can buy seeds in the dispensary and they are all labeled female seeds which mean they bud they don’t sell male seeds wealthier you agree or not that’s how it’s known this seed bud this one don’t.

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You can go look at my journal to see if my yields were successful…