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If you could only grow one strain

Nice…I got the all caps guy to comment :sunglasses:

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Really a hard question to answer but Alien OG.

Found Congo black btw

Bubblegum or Romulan

Really that’s awesome but how much $

$106 :confused: not too bad considering rarity. They also have Greek and China landraces. As well as Columbian Black, Mango Biche, and Pujo Rojo

Can u post a link

Contact email: [email protected]
Had a chat with them, cool peoples. They have a lot of desirable landrace strains.
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I’m not seeing their store

You have to email them about what you want, their site works more like a catalogue. When you go on their page make sure you click the drop down arrows next to the continent, not the continent name itself or else it’ll take you to an empty page. Met them off of strainly and they just set up this site since strainly shuts down at the end of this month.

Thanks alot bro already been emailing back and forth

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Np, I’ll be hitting them up too for the Philippines landrace they got and maybe some others. Let me know if you end up getting anything else from off there and I’ll trade :v:t4:

They have some crazy plants yo…

I found this…

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No doubt bro sounds good

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Nice, similar options but a bit cheaper. Thanks for that

Ohh it’s the same people lol I didn’t realize. Prices seem a bit lower on there though

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Romulan Kush Berry…My go to strain.


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