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Illinois Craft Grower needed

Hey how are you

I’m in Illinois and I’m looking to find an experienced craft grower. I’m submitting an application and want to have someone in place should I win one

Any ideas how to find one ? Email me ASAP


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I could be willing to provide consultation for the development of your facility and cultivation plan. I could also help to select your ideal candidate for a lead grower.


I have the plan but need someone I can list as a reference…someone they can reach out to verify experience growing commercially …If I got a license I could hire them right away

Any help with that?

What about private contracting as a consultant instead of being an actual employee @devjyarn … Might benefit both parties but again I’m not familiar with Illinois laws just thinking


Would you come down to set up a grow etc

Do you have a grow company there? What part of Canada?

In the application they are looking to see that I have someone with years of experience whom they can verify by calling , website, history with commercial grows, that will be ready to go if granted a license.

Thanks for responding too

Know where to find ? I’m researching and can’t seem to find

Any suggestions?

Hi, I’m in IL and can potentially help you.

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Hello @cdub,

I would like to recommend our @HempStaff recruiting services as we offer no upfront costs and no exclusivity requirements We have a database with over 52k candidates, we are able to match candidates for any and all positions in the cannabis and hemp industry. For individuals applying for a license through their states Social Equity program, we offer assistance on the application (Exhibit D & Exhibit M) as we have created a specific division dedicated to Social Equity Employers, we are an equal opportunity employer, state-accredited in Illinois and we are always happy to offer our assistance in anyway we can!

If you are interested in speaking to one of our business developers to get more insight, please reach out to [email protected]. Provide us with your contact information, the position you are seeking to fill and your location and someone will reach out to you!

Hope to hear from you soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would pm that phone number. That’s public info that can b found with a simple google search.

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I’m currently living and working in Canada, so that might complicate things, but I have a clean record and should be eligible for employment anywhere in the world.