Illuminar 1000w DE HPS review

Huge thank you to Growers house and everyone there for the chance to test the Illuminati 1000w DE HPS!! Also big shout out to the guys at Cannacribs!!
I was able to receive the illuminar 1000w DE HPS on 1/16/2020. After taking down my 3 x sf1000 from my 4x4 with my 2.5 week olds in it and moving the exhaust and filter to the back wall, I started to unpack the box.IMG_20200116_122115980 IMG_20200116_122821729 IMG_20200116_123353461

And ran into a slight glitch, the box only came with the 240 plug. I needed the 120. From what I was told and from the boxes labeling it should of had both, but Growers house promptly got me the right cord and I was good to go.
After reading the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS manual. I attempted the placement of the double ended bulb. The manual has no diagrams for proper placement, but after just looking at the receiving ends and reading the imprinting on the outside covers of the receiving ends, I figured it out!! Biggest problem was I knew from long ago that those cheap cotton gloves save alot of problems, and help not touching the bulb. But nowhere in the contents of the box were a pair of gloves, it’s probably with the missing cord with my luck…lol. I just used a pair of old clean cotton underwater and took my time placing it and locking into place the 1000w DE HPS bulb.
Got the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS in the air and levelIMG_20200116_150745090

Have it hook up and getting ready for first strike, which has to be a minimum of 3hrs.
I’m sure I’ll have on more then 3 hours!
Trying to figure out height I should actually be at for the minimum setting of 600w from the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS, it mentions nothing in the manual as a suggested height for veg or flower. So at this point I’m going to start at 30" above the 2.5 week old plants.


Noticed temp increase in tent and turned up fan speed and exhaust speed to accommodate the extra heat. Through the course of the evening I ended up maxing out the height the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS set at 600w at 48" adove the plants. I also have been relying on a Grovee temp and the meter with Bluetooth. Also the AC Infinity T4 monitor hanging in the center 2’ below the light toward the back of the tent. Placed the Grovee in a pot offset center under the other sensor.
Have the the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS now on a 19/6 cycle set to a timer.
Definitely eye protection is a must!! This thing is very bright at 600w!! The Illuminar 1000w DE HPS has settings of 600w, 750w, 825w, 1000w and 1150w!! Too bad it doesn’t come with at least 1 pair!!!

Had a tough time controlling heat for most of the night. Been checking the Grovee by Bluetooth which is constantly reading 86-89 degrees. The AC Infinity probe is at 84-85 degrees consistently. I’m confused at this point, so I turn up the exhaust and intake fan and then water the plants. I can’t help thinking something is wrong but with the increase of air temps are ok, but RH is a fight now to keep it up. I have a small humidifier going but it’s not enough with the volume of air moving thru now. I try a few things to get the RH up. But the plants are looking really good!

At this point 2 days of use of the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS and you can see a visual difference in the plants. I have gone from 300w total to 600w and it show in the plants! Hopefully a good night ahead!

4 days of using the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS.
Day 20 of grow.
5 Auto’s, 4 Photo’s and a bunch of Solo’s with more PHoto’s.
Still 48" above plants.
Switched the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS from 600w to 750w yesterday and see no ill affects and the heat issue I come to find out was never an issue!! It was my fault!!!
Yes, the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS puts off some heat which is easily controlled. My problem was the Grovee in the pot that I was relying on was actually not reading correctly due to what I can figure was light intensity. After scratching my head multiple times I decided to check the Grovee and placed it outdoors in the shade for a period of time then compared it to my phone’s temp reading and an app for weather. It was the same or within 1 degree of matching everything and that’s when the lightbulb went off!! I went back and placed it face up under a fan leaf and waited. It all made sense now!! It was 80-82 degrees at the plants!! It never felt hot doing the hand test before to this and was one of the reasons for my prior confusion plus i am now not defying physics anymore!! The AC Infinity reading 84 and the Grovee is still 80-82!!
I have been able to turn the internal fans down along with the exhaust fan downs and my RH has gone back up to 50-55. Plus the exhale bag seems to also help with the brighter light from the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS.

Temps are great! No problems! The Illuminar 1000w DE HPS is working great!
Plant are definitely responding!!
LST Started today due to grow spurt!
Also downloaded an app for Lux readings and tried it on the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS just above the plants and I had a reading of well above 30,000 at 750w!
I still need to get glasses, the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS is an amazingly bright light!



Very well detailed test journal, thanks!
Very informative… :nerd_face:


Thanks! Hope it helps!
More to come!!!


@az4tkr agree with @kapouic!

Great review and journal!!
I’ll be following along




Very much appreciated!


Just had to post this pic I just took, the plants are in 58 RH with a temp 78.5 F.
As part of the next post I pushed it a bit to 825w to see if I could control the heat.

More to come!


Ac infinity have good products. I like the six inch set ups. As for the heat. I think your brand is dimmable. If its like mine. I can cut power by fifty percent and no efficacy loss. Helps on those extra warm days. However its not a issue if you toss a few mushroom bags in there and let her rock out at 90+°. I’ve flowered in 102° no worries


Your right!! I should of went with the 6", but at the time my budget controlled my purchase and thinking I was just going to just use my leds only and not knowing I would be lucky enough to test the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS. Thank you again Growers house!! Yes it is dimmable but only down to 600w. It starts at 600w and goes up to 750w, 825w, 1000w and 1150w. At 600w things are moving along very nicely. I have gone up to 750w and 825w to see where I can’t really control the heat without modifying things more and think I’ll stop at 750w. That gives me about 46w sq/ft for my 4x4 when I turn it up for flower. I’m a little over 37w sq/ft for veg now at 600w and like I mentioned going good.


Very nice. Dimmable is the way to go

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Ok! Let me catch up on the last 4 days! I fooled with the wattage a bit. I figured out where I need to stop (825w) for sure with the cooling at present I have plus the I have no more vertical space for the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS.
The Illuminar 1000w DE HPS has been turned back to 600w. The plants just can’t handle it any extra light yet, they are just too young it seems. But not all the plants or even a bunch of leafs on a plant show signs of light stress, some really seemed to like the extra light. Maybe it’s also stain related, to light sensitivity for some??? Plus the only reason I can see any I’ll effects while the light is on is because of the Sunshine blue optics glasses! They have really saved my eyes from the intensity of the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS. Doesn’t matter if it’s a night or day visit to the tent while the light is on, I use the Sunshine blue optics it just make sense to protect my eyes.

Really close to 4 weeks now.
Watered with very weak nutes today for first time. Using earth juice grow at present.

Tie all plants down again.
Rotated plants again in tent.
Noticed a slight (sweet spot) even at 48" above the plants like while at 600w from the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS.

Still using just the 600w from the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS at the moment, due to temps being cooler weather here. Tent temp now 77F-78F and RH 60%.
Plants really seems to like the cooler temps, they are looking good. The light also is working like a champ and has not missed a beat since being installed 9 days ago.

Got a Rainmaker 4L sprayer ordered from Growers house and a Pronet+ for later use with the photoperiod plants. Also The sprayer will just make life easier overall when watering the plants.

Water plants as normal with water PH 6.2 - 6.5

Rotated the plants and tie them down again.

Day 11 with the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS.
Still working great!! Still at 600w
Day 30 since seeds were dropped!

Rotated and tied plants down

Thought of a idea (product) for a 4x4 that no one seemed to have thought of for convenience for individuals like myself or just to make life easier.

The humidifier died!! (Back to Walmart today, but I bet Growers house could get better suited humidifiers for our grows then the bigbox stores!)

Finally got small grow tent going for a nursery of sorts. Placed the sf1000 and the AC Infinity speed controlled muffin fans in it.
Also With a small humidifier.
Took all Solo’s out of 4x4 and placed them in their new home.

Today temps were cool and night temps were going to be even cooler, so I thought I try turning up the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS to 750w for the night, considering everything is looking really good and I removed the young ones to a new home.

Woke up wondering what to expect, put on my Sunshine blue optics glasses to protect my just waking eyes from the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS light intensity at 750w.
I find that a few seem still to be to young or its the strain doesn’t like the light above 600w. But again some of the plants loved it and others just showed very little signs of I’ll affect from it at 750w for 19 hours.
Either way it’s back to 600w for now.

Going to water today with very weak nutes.
Going to tie them down again and rotate them and clean up plants.

Going to transplant best solo into my last 3 gal pot.

Also tried super cropping a couple branches on healthiest photo that I have vegging and it seemed to work. Two days ago and the plant has really no ill effects from it and has come back stronger.

At present I have under the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS…
5 gal critical purple Auto
5 gal photo (unknown strain)
3 gal Haze xl Auto
3 gal lambs bread Auto
3 gal lambs bread Auto
3 gal gorilla glue
3 gal photo (unknown strain)
3 gal photo (unknown strain)
3 gal photo (unknown strain)

Sex of photos is unknown.
(Expecting to pull one or two after finding out sex)
9 total plants.

Pics of 1/23IMG_20200123_203143663

Pics of 1/24!

Pics of 1/25!

Pics of 1/26!

Pics of 1/27!

Overall the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS is working great and combined with the Sunshine blue optics for protection I am able to see clearly.
I just have to wait to start using the full protenial of the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS on my plants.


1/28/20 - 2/3/20
Thing are going well! The Illuminar 1000w DE HPS was turned up 5 days ago to 750w. I’m still at 48" above the plants, only due to LST of all the plants.
The Illuminar 1000w DE HPS was turn up, after seeing clearly seeing the bud sites getting formed.
The autos and photos are still together.
Got another 4x4 used off Craigslist for vegging, I will pull 6 plants into new home.
Will be using the sf1000 on them.
Thinking of vegging one more week on the mature photos then flipping the Illuminar 1000w DE HPS, knowing the autos will be fine and I’ll get a start on the photos flower.
Plus the Summer Blue Optics are such a eye saver, day or night going into the tent and coming out and being able to still see is a huge winner!! Thank you Summer Blue Optics!!!

Here they are at the moment.