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Not my images. just like to share stuff i collect.


I collect illustrations and books on sweet pea and viola oderatera.

I spent a summer mounting specimen for the Missouri Botanical Gardens herbarium collection. I had full access to look at the plants. They must have had thirty different examples of cannabis from around the world in the collection.

I have found the best original prints in France.

Currently, I have requests out in the rare book community for books and pamphlets on hemp production prewar. I have now read about half of the extension publications from the WW2 period. Hope to get first hand access to the rest of the publications. May require a couple of trips.


very cool. i too am hunting these. for exact same reasons.


Look for one of my old post on a brief history of Cannabis production in the USA. Maybe @Growernick can help.

I think I gave some of the links.

Google Scholar is a good way to start a lit search. Linda Hall Library has what the national agricultural library is missing. The problem with the Hall Library is if you are not an approved researcher it’s hard to get an entrance card. I spent a couple years in the Hall Library poring through sweet pea papers, it was my only way to read R. C. Punnets research, journals. He started his work on inheritance with sweet pea before switching to fruit flies. I know they have the hemp production reprints papers from Crimean war through WW2 British empire. I can see call numbers. Hall is not a loaning Library and you have to have an association with a University or member research institutions. They also have a really strange call number system. But, the librarians are outstanding. You get a private librarian to assist your research.


This is the print I want if they can supply the provinces.