I'm a little worried and need advice

Hi everyone!! So yesterday I kept my lights on a little bit longer maybe about an hour and a half because I needed to put an exhaust fan on so I’m in flowering on a 12-12 light schedule. I turn the lights on regular time today in the morning I came home and the lights were off something glitched with my timer so I don’t know how long the lights were on for the day so when I came home I just put kept them on dark and I’m going to leave them on dark till the regular time 5:00 am in the morning tomorrow and restart them on the 12/12 light schedule . Should I be worried about any detrimental effects to the plants or should I be okay???


Dont stress at all @spades90, not to worry. They will be fine. Cannabis is a very hardy/robust plant. Looking good.


Soon you will be smoking the dank


No worries one day shouldnt harm u. Ive had clones in veg have lights stay on for 18 hrs strait 2 days in a row prolly 3 times bow and they r still kicking in veg full throttle. Lol. I dont jave my clones on a timer right now as they r in a tv entertainment stand while i have clones i sprayed in my tents. Dont wanna get the ones in the tents with pollen until i an ready for that dtage if these r producing pollen or not


short answer _ No plant issues - sure a little stress might have occured but it was for a short time and not week/s - then there might be some
you have some interesting plants - beautiful -