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Im new to growing

im new to growing im waiting for every to get her from amazon… any advice???



You will get some great advice here, some really talented growers floating around.

My general advise to a new grower would be to get your environmentals dialed in. Makes everything else much easier and is always the first thing I consider setting up a new grow.

What’s your plan? Space, lighting, medium, genetics, feed, ECT?


Welcome !!!

What lights did you get ?

Whats your budget ?

As a new grower, wish you would have posted that you were interested in growing and have a list of what your going to buy, before you buy :wink:

It’s ok, a lot of new growers do it.

Lights are one of the most important things your going to purchase.

If not in a legal state, exhaust fan and carbon scrubber would also be one of the most important things your going to purchase.

stay golden …


How are you planning on growing, soil, hydro, notill?

If you can let us know a bit more on the specifics you need to know about, we can help more.

Otherwise, I run a channel dedicated to growing organic cannabis, maybe start there? Here’s a link to my gear guide videos, lots more on the channel itself.

Happy growing!