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I'm right outside Bend, Oregon

We’re on ten acres, off grid, compost piles, manure pile which I jumped right into for some reason,
The camp’s name is ‘Space Sage’,
It’s a small micro-tier farm. Things have been moving steadily, my brother knows his shit. The hardest part for me is taking initiative, I’m new at this, but all I have to do is ask and they provide me with the guidance I need. The desert :desert: caught a freeze in June this year so my brother’s plants took a hit. I’ve decided to go ahead and germanate 6 plants (alien snowcone) @bogleg . Legal limit, There’s alot to work out. A lot of excitement. I’ve known my bro for 20 years. I will swab the roots of the plants with some of my blood. I’ve had the idea in mind for a while, my brother has some good guidance to offer on this matter. That’s it for now; there’s a lot taking shape around Space Sage, a lot of activities like drum :drum: circles, psychedelic music shows, etc. We’ve also got someone floating throughout different cities, spreading the word about Space Sage and networking with people to get events out here. I know it sounds pretty radical, (maybe not so radical to some of us, probably even most of us here) Please keep sending good energy, please take a moment out of your day to :stop_sign: stop, and think :thinking: about good things happening out here. Your thoughts will directly manifest visions, and lead into action(s). Your thoughts, your attention is all that’s needed, but desperately needed.


I spent a week solo camping near Bend/Madras Oregon, about 18 years ago. The mint fields and the mountains were great company.

Good luck on this very, very interesting endeavor. I’ll be following along, and sending what few positive thoughts I have out to you and Space Sage.


Right on. Thank you.


@justgrowin and @not2sureyet have both grown the ASC, @turnernathaniel. I’m sure both would be willing to help out if you have any questions about growing it.


I flipped mine at 8 weeks. it stretched over 2’ It was about 43 or 44" finished. it seemed to stretch the whole way though. This is how she finished. This may give you an idea of what to expect. i still want to grow another. it was a nice plant :grin:

End of week 8. When I flipped

End of week 15 finished


But aren’t you the one with all the seeds :thinking:

Sounds like you should be calling the shots @turnernathaniel


:sweat:. Um… Yes.


Well. It’s not like that. I don’t own the property. I couldn’t be the one calling the shots. I don’t have the experience. Oh, the main thing is, we are still developing infrastructure. We showed up early for our vision, but it has to be physically translated into reality which will take time. That’s alright. I’m with people I’ve known for years, and meeting new people to work and grow with. It’s an exciting time. My brother grows alot of different things, all the nutrients for the soil come from organic sources, organic teas. But we live in the desert, he’s been here for a year or so; not enough time for the needed infrastructure. Were currently building an 8 foot deep by 24 feet long and 8 feet wide (all subject to change) greenhouse with beams, slanted angle, making an a frame and greenhouse plastic to allow light in. (this is the best way I can explain it. I’m sure you’re familiar with this type of greenhouse.