I'm sore all ober

Man from harvesting last week end getting everything in the dryer woopd my ass my body want redy for it next time il be in shqpe


I will trade ya… i am sore from 4 days pf pulling up old flooring, carpet linoleum and vinyl and spent last 3 installing new floors. Ok so yeah my floors look great but I can’t smoke em…

Yeah no thanks I have put new hard wood floors in my living room when we bought the house so I’m good hahahah

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Hahah lol been there done that. Ill do 6-10hrs non stop trimming sessions! It can get old! Need to have trim parties!

A huge plant can take 7hrs by itself. Now 25 small plants like SOG grow 4-5hrs. 6 medium-large plants 9-10hrs. Especially if its DP hash passion. That shits a nightmare to trim! I really dont like it in the leaf trimming department. I just crossed a hash passion mother with a male galactic god. I want to see if i can bring the leaf ratio down.

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For real man we had one trim party and it was on the last Saturday and 4.people showed up aside Frome me and my wife and we got thru most of what I had I had like 4 plants left I did on my own aside from that and I started every day arnd 7 am didn’t stop till 9 so took 4 days to do it all and I was alone 2 out of those 4

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Each one avraged about 6 hrs

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u think there was a reason for the slow down

I’m confused slow down