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Imperious Ark-La-Tex Expo 2019

Hello Growers Network!

I have a ton of free passes for the Imperious Ark-La-Tex Expo in Little Rock this year (11/13/19 - 11/14/19). If any of you from the network would like to attend, sign up at the following link:
Promo Code: SPEAKER2019

I will be participating on the Cultivating Cannabis panel on day 2, 11/14, at 12:00 pm. If you are in attendance, please stop by and say hello!

I am curious to hear how attendance is this year. We exhibited last year, but last years conference was not well attended. Please advise.


The show had less attendance this year than last year, probably did not help that there was an arctic freeze. That being said, as someone who was not exhibiting and just speaking, it was a great trip for me personally.


Glad to hear that it was a good show for you. Just curious, about how many people were in your talk? If there were less attendees this year than last year, it must have been pretty quiet show. Sorry to hear that. Thanks for the feedback.