Import CBD to Japan

Hey Guys,
I am looking to import CBD into Japan.
The Japanese law does not allow the importation of CBD which produced from flowers or leaves, but if you can declare the CBD was produced from stalks / roots it is OK.

If You have such supply of CBD or know how to get CBD into Japan legally - please contact me.

Moav Gafni
Cannabotech LTD
[email protected]


Theres no real way to determine either way. The US doesn’t have any agency that distinguishes differences between how the CBD product was sourced i.e. through the flower, stalk, roots etc…
And the amount of cbd in stalks, and roots are negligible. However, they do have other beneficial properties.

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What kind of quantity are you looking at? Also, there are many different kinds of CBD products that can be produced into what youre looking to sell. CBD in crystalline form can be processed into anything. I Might be able to help you and source your CBD, but im going to need more info regarding what kind of quantitiy and the final product youre looking to sell.

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