In-dispensary interactive technology teaches customers about cannabis

To those who have never tried cannabis, or others who are trying it again for the first time, walking into a dispensary can be an intimidating experience. With varied levels of understanding, every second a customer spends confused or asking dispensary staff repetitive questions is time and money lost.

Educating dispensary customers can be challenging and time-consuming. Moreover, as a dispensary owner, there are concerns over the accuracy and consistency of the information being shared.

Retailers long ago discovered a solution to this challenge that not only educates consumers but transforms them into confident customers. Interactive digital experiences enable users to learn at their own pace through technology they are comfortable with. With this technology, users can educate themselves on products and confidently arrive at the best buying decision.

Interactive technology can help propel the budding cannabis industry.
By providing information on product types and enhancing educational opportunities, dispensaries can engage directly with customers, allowing them to customize their buying experience and make more informed purchases. Interactive software creates in-store experiences that can help reduce anxiety while simultaneously enhancing the customer service reach of your on-site staff. For regular customers, the same software provides detailed catalogs to update consumers on new information.

The best interactive software provides an intuitive user interface, remote management and robust tracking abilities. It also enables businesses to gather valuable data so they can tailor messaging based on the unique needs, activities and interests of their consumers. Interactive software provides businesses with insight into who’s engaging with what content, so they can ensure their efforts are consistent and compliant. Analytics allow dispensaries to track feedback, understand interests, gauge comfort levels of their diverse cannabis consumers, and act on actionable insights.

Enter Seed:

Seed is an in-dispensary platform that teaches dispensary visitors about cannabis. Through an interactive touch monitor, Seed allows customers to educate themselves on cannabis and find the right products for their situation.

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How is informational data about products gathered? Is it submitted by the growers/producers? What information is collected and displayed?
Nose? Photos? (trichomes? Fresh? Dry?) Analytical information? Potency tests? Pesticide levels? Growing style?

Sorry for the load of questions, but I must say I love this. I think this is a beneficial platform for all the reasons you stated above. This, I believe would be essential in “self-serve” style dispensaries where vending machines are implemented.
Personally, I hope for this type of platform to become the standard across the industry.


Bryan, for starters… please do not apologize for the “load of questions”. They are all great and it is questions like this that help to evolve software/saas solutions. Getting thoughts and perspective from a cultivator like yourself is critical in making seed a “well rounded” cannabis education solution.

That said, in the current version of seed, 1.0, we do not gather information to this level of specificity as seed does not currently communicate or recommend specifics products. Today, when a customer completes the interactive consultation the result is a recommended product profile (low THC, high CBD, hybrid, topical). This recommended product profile is then texted to the customers phone so they can have a more effective and efficient conversation with the sales associate/cannabis agent.

On the product road-map for 3rd quarter we will have full integration with the majority of inventory management systems and POS systems. Integrating with the inventory management system will allow us to recommend products that are readily available and on the shelf for that dispensary. Now… all of the precise data that you speak of will come from the product “manufacturers” themselves which should all be lab tested (of course, depending on state). When it comes to information that is more about the product story, it’s characteristics, and general marketing speak; this responsibility will be on the manufactures/cultivators themselves. Being frank, we haven’t figured this part out and is again a great example of why your questions are so good. Possibly a “portal” by where the manufacturers/cultivators can populate content and assets to accomplish this. This is something that we will need to figure out as we further handcraft seed.

Last but not least, Bryan, I would love to do a demo of seed for you and get your feedback. Let me know if this is of interest and we can get it scheduled.

Again, thanks for the questions.

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