In-House Turn-Key Potency Testing Solution

For those looking for a turn-key in-house potency testing solution for their cultivation, extraction, purchasing and more…

At Ionization Labs, we have created a lab-quality, low cost, accurate solution that tests for 14 different cannabinoids (CBDA, CBD, delta-9 THC, delta-8 THC, THCA, CBG, CBN, THCV, Etc.) in 25 minutes, from sample prep to results, allowing for rapid real-time testing in-lab or in-field. Here is a published article regarding our award-winning service at the National Hemp Expo in KY last April: Ionization Labs Takes Lab Testing Award at National Hemp Expo in Louisville, KY 3

It’s straight forward, our equipment is easy to use, affordable, and accurate. We use HPLC hardware manufactured by a Fortune 100 company and coupled with our proprietary software and sample preparation solution for consumables we believe we have created the consistency and efficiency that has been missing in hemp testing in a comprehensive package, eliminating the traditional need for a PhD to run and understand this accurate hardware, as well as the need to find and purchase your own calibrates and consumables to run your own in-house testing.

Our intuitive software makes the results easy to understand, creating easy use for compliance, genetics, per-acre crop monitoring and many more applications throughout your businesses vertical integration.

For more technical and application information shoot me an email: [email protected]