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In search of good explosion proof hotplate manufacturer

Hello everyone!

I’m in need of an explosion proof hotplate. Must be Class 1 Division 1 explosion proof for use in a licensed processing facility.

We currently have two of the Thermo Scientific SHP9 hotplate, which I love and with which I am 100% satisfied. I was really bummed to find out earlier today that those models have been DISCONTINUED, and they only make the smaller SHP6 size. Well, we really like that big 9"x9" platform, and won’t be entirely satisfied with a 6"x6" platform. We process BULK quantities of crude extract, and the 6"x6" size just won’t cut it.

Is there anyone out there who has a lead on a viable alternative?

I will be eternally grateful.


Might be able to do a custom Hotplate for you
They Currently do a class 2 Division 2 but they might be able to do a custom Class 1 Division 1 in a larger size 9x9 or larger
Thermo Fisher Kind of has the market for Explosion Proof Hotplates that are UL/FM Approved

Give them a call they might be able to do something for you


Did a quick search and saw that some resellers might have some inventory of the SHP9. Good luck on finding one/a replacement!


I called like 8-10 places. Got the same answer from each one. They all drop ship direct from manufacturer, and manufacturer didn’t tell them it was discontinued. They don’t actually maintain stock of those. They only make the small size, which is too small for us and has less than half the surface area.

And @Cambridgeenviro I actually did call Thermo to confirm that they don’t make them anymore.

I’ll see if Wenesco can do anything for us, but it has to be C1D1, not C2D2. Thanks for that recommendation.