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Income ranges for cannabis industry

Hi, I’m curious about the income potential in the cannabis industry. I’ve been a home grower for a few years, and live in a legal recreational state (Guam) but am wanting to move. I’m currently working in the IT industry as an Operations Manager and make about $40 an hour (about $75K per year). I am also a part time health coach and nutritionist. Are there any positions in cannabis that pays about the same? I’d like to switch careers, but also need a decent income as my wife has special needs (she’s blind) and requires attention that is not cheap.

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Depends on your role and responsibilities. Trimmers and general labor can make minimum wage, supervisors and head roles earn your current wage and far more.

Welcome to GN @islandstrong!!.. I’m from California fully legalized state and it’s hard to make a decent wage in the cannabis business here “legally” unless you own and operate a dispensary or are a vendor/manufacturer for dispensaries which must be licensed by the state of California or will most likely get raided and shut down… As an IT guy there are other options tho… weedmaps is the #1App/website people go to here for local delivery services and dispensaries… Might submit a resume I believe they have clients all over the US… There are also many ways to be in the biz without selling product… Many dispensaries are using software for specific for cannabis biz owners just like alot of companies use QuickBooks to run their company… My friend is a programmer and just recently started developing such an app… There are so many opportunities besides growing and selling but I’ll tell you it’s a tough business to get into and start making that kind of money right off the bat. Hope this helps! But I myself won’t give up I will one day the cannabis biz will be my main income… I have a small flooring business right now I run but patience is the name of the game

That’s just something I googled just now but these type of businesses are doing well too and you can still grow no matter what :+1: