Indoor grow

Hello , new grower looking to get full indoor kit !
Please advise!!


Welcome…you need to provide information if you want good help. Size of the grow room you plan on using, kind of lights, and soil or hydro system, everything else depends on the space you will be growing in. Lots of help on here enjoy!


Welcome to Gn @grower76


Welcome to GN!

Don’t skimp on your lighting.
Start small to learn how your plants grow.
Read as much as you can. Find other growers that are growing the same way you would like to grow. Follow their grow journals.

Ask lots of questions. Post lots of pictures. Provide lots of information as to how you are growing, or you will want to grow!

Include the date whenever you post pics/updates. That way when you want to come back to your grow journal later, you will not have to wonder how far along in your grow you were when you posted those pictures.

Tag other growers when you post pics and ask questions. Lots of people are here to help and are willing to answer questions and give advice.


Thank you !!

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What will you recommend for small beginner grow ? What kit should I get ?


How big is your grow space? My indoor grow space is roughly 24" x 40". It’s in a closet, and I don’t have a grow tent. Read the first few posts. Determine how you want to grow. You’re going to change your mind a dozen times. It’s totally cool.

I prefer growing outdoors, so my indoor grow is as inexpensive as I could make it. There’s lots of things that I would like to buy, but I want my grow to be as simple and cheap as I could make it.

Do you have any experience growing anything? There are a LOT of people on this forum that have never grown anything before and have started from scratch. Some folks here have grown veggies or flowers before and continue their experience growing cannabis. You do not have to have any growing experience to grow weeds.

I’ll tag you in a couple of growers that I follow. When you get to the end of their journals, change your setting to “watching” and you will get notifications when those journals are updated.


Continue posting questions for your grow here in this thread. But feel free to ask questions in any journal that are relevant to their grow and yours.

When you want to tag someone in your journal, type the @ sign, followed by their screen name. No spaces. @sike ← It’ll look like this when you post.

Tag me. @ + OlyBoy See if it works for you.

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@Slym3r Can you help me find that guy growing in his fishing bag? And tag @grower76? I think it was a fishing bag.

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It will be my first time growing …
I have enough space for 5 x 5 …
I was thinking to get tent ? Hydro or top soil ?

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