Indoor LED Lighting

PowerTrakGrow has found through studies that plants prefer specific spectrums at different stages of its life. Blues for vegetative and red, deep reds and far reds for flowering.

We’ve engineered all of our lights to meet those requirements. Some other features that our lights offer are: UVB, Infrared and Red Laser.

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-Brandon M., VP of Operations, PowerTrakGrow


Sounds like this feature may be better suited for my next X Wing fighter or Death Star, not my grow lights! What is the photoresponse of Red Laser on our crops? Is there a defined benefit?


Love the Star Wars reference! The red laser features helps with: photosynthesis stimulation, enhancing the emerson effect, surface damage healing, hinders diseases/bacteria, inhibits seed germination and reduces flowering time. The proof is in the pudding :wink:

Brandon M., VP of Operations, PowerTrakGrow