Industrial Hemp for CBD flowers exceeding 0.2% THC limit?

Hi, I would be grateful for feedback from people with experience in testing cannabinoid levels for seeded and seedless plants, possibly specifically for Industrial Hemp.
I’m planning a grow for flowers from EU hemp strains in Europe, where we have a strict 0.2% THC + THCA limit.
The typical hemp plantation is grown through “bulk sowing” in a field, i.e. 5-10 plants per sq. ft., left unattended (not topped, etc.), growing spindly and getting pollinated. Flowers are harvested with seeds, cannabinoid testing is done after removing seeds from “buds”. With this method the THC levels are usually just under the limit.
The question is, how likely is it that Industrial Hemp varieties, grown specifically for flowers (topped plants, non-pollinated, seedless buds), will produce higher levels of THC + THCA, exceeding the limit?
Many thanks!