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Industry Joint Production Q // STM Canna Rocketbox

So I currently work at a tier 3 facility in Washington State.
I’m the head of “joint operations”… Fun title play.
Ive been running out Rocketbox for about 4 months now while playing with settings and fine tuning. I still cant seem to get the right fill consistency.
Constantly having issues with loose necks and failed fills. Not many, usually 5-20 for a full run. Still takes extra time for my team to lay hands on product a second time and I really want to eliminate that issues.

So far Ive I’ve got 2 setups that I use, one more aggressive, and one softer settings for my finer grinds.

We run about 20 different strains and I’m wondering if you guys who are are actually presetting/per strain? I’d really hate to setup 20-30 different defaults if the system could even have that many profiles I’m not sure?

At the moment were producing around 4-6k a day with a 3 man team.
I’d really like to step this up.

Our grind process also produces A++ product but It’s tedious and time consuming. Probably takes up a solid 35% of the time process.

Literally any information or questions I’m an open book at this point.
We had some a professional extract team come in and step up our extract game like immensely, so now I’m wanting to get this tackled.

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@smossy hang tight, I’m bringing in the amazing STM Canna team to help out! @Jessica_STMcanna

You absolutely rock.

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What size buds are you grinding and how long have they been dried/cured for? Is the ground material spread out in a single layer for any amount of time and allowed to reach a consistent moisture content before it’s put into the machine?

So basically, this is our process “from my understanding”.
Trim team would know a bit more being as that’s who has the most hands on, I can find out though for sure.

But from my understanding, 1gram buds or less for anything besides CBD strains. CBD strains (Sour Cyclone) Ill sometimes grind up to q/oz buds.

After harvest, I think the guys are curing/hanging for a full week, then sometimes over the weekend depending on where harvest falls in the week, typically we harvest every Friday though. Then after that trim goes into turkey bags until my team pulls for pre-rolls or extract, the bags typically holding in the 2k-3k gram range. Usually the oldest stuff is no older then 2 months in the bag (trim or reject material) Then any raw flower goes into large totes. We only jar to fill orders.

Our product holding and our cure/hang rooms stay at about 62-65%
Humidity 50%

Now for MY material, Ill leave out my grind process for now unless you want to hear that process also.
Ill grind, then fill totes which can range from 2k-5k grams of “raw” material. Once a week if any of my stuff doesn’t get handled, Ill toss it and burp all my totes.

As far as spreading out thin, That could be problematic when it comes to space. I probably have over 80,000 - 100,000g of product grinded and ready to run. I’m wondering if this is a mistake? (To clarify we have approx 17-20 strains right now and at any given time)
Typically I like to keep at least one full tote of grinded material on hand (approx 5000g)

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I’m going to make a guess that the loose necks and failed fills are due to some material that is too moist balling up or sticking together in the cone, preventing a successful fill.

Would something like this be able to hold the same 2-5kg that your totes do? There are 20 racks, each able to hold a 18" x 26" pan with about a 1" lip on the pans.

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Those racks, we literally have about 80 of them. However I don’t believe we have any covers for them. I’m able to distribute one of my “totes” over about 3 of those pans if I remember correctly. We do use those racks for product that’s far to moist. But its pretty rare.

So am I looking for a completely dry grind? Or there is actually a sweet spot, cause typically Ill just try to dry my product out the day before “lids off totes and set by our outlet exhaust fan” No air actually blows onto the grind, the exhaust fan pulls air outside and will just setup my totes next to them.

Most our failed joints are loose necks, we will usually roll the necks in our fingers until its finer, then tap tap on clean table then tamp tamp the heads. Our product is real fine, but it seems like some of the larger material, tiny stems, will congregate at the bottom and packs solid at the top. I’m wondering if my stage 1-2 settings are too aggressive?
Possibly not gentle enough for anything to travel down.
Ive played with settings, and loosening screws, it just seems like really hit or miss.

These are about where my ideas end regarding your problem. The rocketbox isn’t something that I’m super familiar with so I can’t comment on the settings or operation of it directly, but hopefully @nick is able to help out and get @Jessica_STMcanna to give a bit more relevant information to you.

Regarding the drying, I would not let it dry out completely. In my opinion cannabis shouldn’t be exposed to humidity lower than 55% for fear that it will lose aroma and potency. In a scenario like you described where the lids are left off the totes to dry for a day before processing, the top layer can get sort of gummy and crunchy, kind of like leaving a full bowl of tomato soup out for too long - a skin forms on the top, but the stuff under is still the same as it was before the skin formed. I’d be curious to know if something similar might be happening with your material.

Again, this is just the opinion of one not-very-well-informed person. There could be a few settings or procedures that could completely fix your problem, independent of anything I’ve suggested. However, I do think that one place the industry is still very immature is in post-harvest handling and processing. Getting these things dialed in to provide a consistent result for your team and your customers is going to be a big source of value.


You know, what your saying makes perfect sense, Ive sort of noticed things like that but instantly just kinda pushed the thought aside and said “eh its good enough”. Now were setting our standards higher with such a demanding market. The rocketbox really is just a large agitator.
The settings definitely make a difference but its nice to hear from the more green side of the issue. They say preparation is usually what makes any product. At this point we kinda been looked at the “recycle” team but that’s changing.
As far as the humidity goes, Would something like a cement mixer humidity detector work for raw plant material? Or is there a tool that could be used?

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Pre-rolls are a big player in the market! People buy convenience. And if there is consistent quality behind the convince, you’ve got yourself a winning combination. I think you deserve more respect than being known only as “recyclers”.

Do you know what kind of meters or tools your operation is using for quality assurance and compliance? Moisture content, percent moisture, water activity? I’m a big fan of measuring water activity. It’s the same standard used all over the food industry to make sure things like beef jerky and dried fruits are shelf-stable and safe for consumption. A decent water activity meter can cost several thousand dollars, though.

But, if you’ve got a stable environment (temperature and humidity) to stage the product in before it is processed, you should be able to run a few tests to figure out how much time spent in that temperature and humidity leads to the consistency and quality you are after. Try spreading out a tote worth of material on a few of those sheets and leave it for a few hours. Try it again with a batch that was left out for a full day. Might help your situation, might not, but at least you’re thinking in a way that makes you more efficient and makes the work your team does easier.


Your gonna be a godsend devjyarn. It’s the smaller things like that that get to me to, but with just simply the lack of knowledge, one isn’t always aware of what to look for. Hence why I’m here. I’m gonna head over to trim side and see what, if any devices we might have for measuring…anything.


Glad I could be of some help! Keep us updated with how things go.


Just checked with next door, at the moment we only have a temp/humidity monitor in the hang/dry room that maintains consistency. After it leaves that room approx a week later it will get bagged if its trim/small flowers and flower gets put into totes. Ill try to provide some photos in a bit to. So as far as on sight testing, we have nothing.


STM_RocketBox_Training Manual_V1.2(1).pdf (1.1 MB)

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Thanks for the manual, I’m more looking for refined steps though on the actual 3 stage now. I’m going to get the humidity issue handled.


Maybe check for a video on YouTube. Or contact the manufacturer.

Was told prerolls is where the money is at…lol…

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