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Infographic on Canadian cannabis use

The most surprising one to me on here is that 38% don’t know what strain they consume. Just goes to show that most customers are pretty underinformed when it comes to cannabis consumption:



I think the lack of information % is actually low – Most people I speak with have no idea how things in their lives work. Computers are just magic boxes to many people. :stuck_out_tongue: Reading journalism from people who don’t know what they’re talking about can be painfully excruciating, as seems to be the case with the recent tragedy in Las Vegas.

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Looking back at history; consumers in the U.S. had very little wine knowledge and only a small percentage of aficionado’s consumed by grape varietal, location, age, etc. It took awhile for the culture to become educated, experience the differences, develop a palate, preference and had grocery store availability of good to decent wines to choose from.

Methinks history is echoing this with regards to the cannabis culture. Of course, there have been educated cannabis connoisseurs for decades, but their numbers are certainly growing now with the media and industry able to inform.

Having visited many dispensaries in the Pacific Northwest, the title of “Budtender” is taken seriously and the amount of knowledge “dispensed” to the consumer right at the counter is downright amazing. Time will see the ranks of the educated cannabis consumer swell to epic proportions. Kind of like wine in the U.S. today.

Now let’s watch a “Mad Dog” commercial from the 1970’s :wink: