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I have a small 100 Acer’s in clewiston Florida and I was like should be ready and have everything I need to start both indoor and outdoor cultivation but I need a lot of insight I made sure to retain as much knowledge as I can I graduated from THC University Cincy Florida and hundreds of hours on YouTube but I have very little hands-on experience I have already started measuring out 10 acre plots and if you look up the soil that is in immokalee it’s a town in clewiston it is legendary 4 the quality of the soil and our well is 6.1 pH and if you dig down 12 to 15 in you will find plenty of red worms I should be going back up there next week to take couple of the plots that are 10 acres a piece and go ahead and till them up. I’m looking for someone that might be interested in cultivating on this piece of land as soon as the bill gets passed and I found a company where I can buy the materials to install the irrigation system myself 4 $589 in change per acre of land and the property that we will be closer dating on is very good place due to the fact that it is in the middle of nowhere.