Infused Coconut Oil Lab Tested, Precise dosing now achievable!

We had our latest batch of coconut oil lab tested. The percentage seems low until you do the math.

One ounce will contain 640mg of THC (27.3 grams of coconut oil in one fluid ounce ). Precise dosing in any oil-based recipe can now be achieved! This oil was all created with the ‘pucks’ leftover from pressing solvent-free rosin.

They were decarbed, finely ground and then infused for a few hours in a crockpot. Filtered, cooled, returned to original container and placed in refrigerator.


How do you get it so dark @wow_arizona , how many hours do you simmer the coconut and cannabis for?


It is really dark simply due to the volume of material that was put into the oil and then extracted. I started with 700 g of decarbed material and 100 ounces of oil. It was simmered for approximately four hours and then allowed to cool to be handled and filtered.