Infused Oreos?

I am not trying to be a party pooper… I like the idea of CBD introduced greater and greater to the general public, though I do take big personal issue with CBD isolate, but, really? Carl’s Jr and Oreos? Sure, people enjoy these things, but why the push to add this to junk food? Isn’t that like putting Vit-C in a cigarette? And the request for guidance from the FDA just feels shady. Oreos, Carl’s Jr, and Jelly Belly’s are the products I have heard lately. Do they think CBD"s are for ‘stoners with munchies’ or something? “Cannabis fans everywhere may get their wish” - what does that even mean NBC?


Just as there is with THC, there’s a rush to put CBD into anything consumers will buy. The dust will settle and certain products will stay popular. I think the supplement industry will benefit, but you can bet there won’t be CBD vegetables. In addition to those mentioned, what are the craziest and sanest uses you’ve seen so far?


Hmm… That’s a good question.

I would think the craziest thing [between my wife and I that we /] I have seen was chapstick. For some reason we have a hard time making sense of that. Not exactly the idea but the application. CBD oil diffusers don’t work [that retail catch] so we kind of shrug that off. I think I generally shrug at anything with a lot of sugar obviously, junk foods, etc.


I agree. The CBD Gold Rush is ramping up to 'full" potential - whatever that actually means. I agree with @stevo47 the dust will eventually settle. For now, just about anyone who thinks that there is a buck to be made on CBD will hawk their products like a $2 Red Light hooker over Super Bowl weekend. It’s only a matter of time before Taco Bell launches the late night CBD $5 Nacho Taco Munchies Box.

Others will follow and likely dilute the market for the real and responsible players. Some of these jokers will only be good for “remember when” commemorative packaging on eBay someday.

Still, others would be smart to NOT confuse or bastardize their brands with, what is tantamount to “NEW COKE”.

Darwinism in the consumable market is alive and well.


Agreed. I laughed pretty hard, I’m not going to lie, on the Super Bowl weekend line lol.


First I’ve heard of this one… Heard about Jelly Belly’s and Carl’s Junior but Oreo’s too? Even as a huge fan of sweets (I know, sugar is horrible), I feel it’s going this way with these major brands, where they’re treating it more like a flavor that’s a trend vs. treating it with respect as a true, natural form of medicine. Not surprising but nevertheless disappointing.