Inkfromblood's GSC bonsai momma

Wanted to start a separate thread here dedicated to my Girl Scout Cookies mother plant that I’ve been bonsaiing for about a year now. I figured, I plan to keep her around as long as I possibly can, so why not make a journal just for her.

She was a clone from my very first decent batch of plants. I had bought a full grow set up on Craigslist for like 500 bucks - 2 gorrilla tents, fans, filters, some T5 lights, buckets, etc. And included in there was a little package of GSC seeds. They did well, so I figured, what the hell I’ll try my hand at some clones.

Then I thought “Lets get wacky with some training and see what we can make happen.”
From reading, I knew that I wouldn’t get the nice symmetry from the clones as I got from seed, so started twisting.

After almost a year I was here:

Today I decided to take an extreme step, and stop spiraling upwards but instead start the process of weaving it into itself and see where we can go from here.


Love it, that is a great bonsai, you must be so proud. Nice growing.


very cool bonsai


Awesome Bonsai bro


Super cool! How often do you need to water her and how much light intensity does she need?


Just treat it like any other vegging plant.
Water when it needs it - which for me is about every other day.
As far as light intensity, not sure how to answer that other than … average?
Nothing special. Really, she’s just in permanent veg. Nothing special to do other than trim down most of the growth every once in a while. The longer I wait to do that, the thicker the stem gets so the less trainable the newer parts are.


When she gets to the point you decide to flower her, its going to be awesome like she is her own tomato cage haha so cool. Please do a reveg for scientific purposes as well lol


Oh, this is a mother plant. So the goal is to never flower her.
I’m just gonna keep her going as long as I can!