Inland Empire Seeking internship/work

My name is Jason. I am 35 and I live in Highland near San Bernardino. I eventually want to start a business maybe and have been saving for awhile. But I am looking for work in the industry. I am currently a student at Valley college but as all classes are online I have zero time commitments. Interested in talking to people looking to start something up as well.


Get at me bro let’s talk

Are you looking to start something up in the area as well? lol looking myself

I’m looking to start something in Cali wherever honestly but I’m looking to invest and receive constant yield for my clients in the Bay Area

ok ok…so you need someone looking to grow. How much do you need to have to meet your quota?

Not that easy guys… yes start a grow invest get great product but the ultimate question is how the money is made… who are you going to distribute too

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Looking for someone who is already growing so I can upscale what they’re doing or find someone willing to upscale to a warehouse with me. I already grow here at home in a 10x10 grow tent

the amount of licensing is too much…Just want to grow and enjoy the garden. not in it for the cash

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Money is made by having Clientele then use that capital to get licensed to then sell to dispensaries. It’s as easy as it sounds money is just needed to get into the game on a serious level.

Yes I understand how a business works… trusted brand name and clients to sell bulk… otherwise a 10x10 is selling oz and quarters and 8ths

hey if someone wants to pay me to keep my closet grow going then ehh :rofl:

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the cannadecent episode on youtube does an amazing job explain brand recognition

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Seriously who wants to pay me to grow?!? Any takers?

Dude, theres all kinda of people we can sell to. All the dispos around that buy, sure you need a lot of paperwork for some, but for others all you need is weed. People looking to make concentrates are always looking too.

canndescent has :fire: also.