Inline help!

Can I use the same inline fan to suck air out the top and push air through the bottom??!


No my friend not a good idea in my opinion… The exhaust is to bring hot air out while other is pushing in new air … At least that what I do I have 1 4" exhaust and 1 4" intake and 2 6" clip fans in my 2x2x4ft tall tent

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Thank you I just wanted a experienced opinion.

If you have a fan at the top it needs to pull the hot air out. Fresh air in at the bottom. If the fan is strong enough you only need 1 inline fan. But you have to have wind/fan oscillating or 2 fans as @scotty17 said inside the tent blowing on the plants or they’ll be weak and not hold buds up and they will fall over easily. I run pretty powerful fans and i can get serious negative air pressure and suck the sides of my tents in.

Hard to see but its sucked in 3"

Okay that makes a lot of sense I hooked up my inline to suck air out so now I just need one to push fresh air in. It’s definitely a work in progress but I’m getting there thanks guys @PreyBird1 @scotty17