Insanity of a Breeder

Hello all I decided to open my seed bank this year .The website is initially set up “” bit the store is not operational at this time the site still needs peaks and tweaks
Our business model is simple we are recreating traditional strains. lets use Ice Cream Cake as an example.
Ice Cream Cake = Wedding cake and Gelato 33. So we decided to create Ice Cream Cake from the ground up It goes as follows.

Wedding Cake + Cherry Pie & GSC

Cherry Pie = Granddaddy Purp & Durbin Poision " the Durbin is considered a landrace"
Grandaddy Purp = Purpple urkle & Big Bud

Purple urkle =Mendo Purps " The Mendo orgin is unknown so I treat it like a Landrace"

Big Bud= Afghani & Northern Lights & Skunk#1

So we recreate from as low as we can go , we take Land race strains and breed our own popular hybrid like GSC to be used in our Ice Cream Cake . We also seed hunt and grow out all the different manufactures Land races it get the best breeding stock for our breading projects. Most breeders don’t go this far but that’s what make us different, sure we could take short cuts like so many breeders do take someone else’s wedding cake and another breeders Gelatto 33 to us that’s short cutting it. We feel that you can’t call this your strain. We are true hand crafted connoisseur grade Cannabis. We produce very limited quantity of seeds not to mention the sheer volume of space it takes to grow out and keep mothers of all our breeding stock. We will becoming out with our first release of Ice Cream Cake toward the end of the year if everything goes well at final testing this year . We hope that more of our strains will make it to production but if we are lucky we will produce a couple per year. Our breeding stock has taken 17 years to produce. We have a mailing list on our website if you would like to be informed of our Seed releases.