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This is my first post and I’m in a bit of trouble. I have an insect infestation but I’m having a hard time Identifying the bugs. There’s two insects I need help with. One looks like some type of mite but i’m not sure, and the other kind of looks like fungus gnats but the abdomen is shaped somewhat differently. If anyone can identify these I’d appreciate it. The winged one is slow moving and hangs around on the underside, top of, and stem of the plants. They don’t move when you touch the plants. The one that looks like a mite is found in the soil and in the runoff after watering. 20200421225533 20200421225620 20200421225628 20200421225847 20200421225855 20200421230013 20200421230525


Mannnn I have those little bastards flying in my tomato garden. Gonna hit them with neem oil this evening and hope that works


In the summer I had these flying insects in my kitchen. It was a very awful experience for me. My advice to you is to get rid of them. I used all types of chemicals and with no positive result. A friend of mine advised me to use He told me that this is one of the best remedies to get them out of my kitchen. I listened to him and ordered it. The next day it arrived. After using it, they all disappeared or were dead. I can recommend you to use it if you want to get rid of all these flying idiots.

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Going through this issues at the moment myself… I dont have fliers that I’ve ever seen but do have larvae. Hard to see untill they move but checked them out with a jewelers loop. Lots of folks use capt jacks can’t try that… I’ve cut them down a tad with neem and dr Bronners but little bastards won’t go away. Lady bugs to chow on them as well and my lady bugs I hardly had any left and now thrips. Bought 2000 lady bugs yesterday and ordered lacewings. Have had gnats and aphids those really weren’t that bad to get rid of like these thrips… @hoppiefrog sent me a place I’ll shoot you this as well…

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Unk if they send to USA I emailed them no word back gonna buy some back up stuff…

Dayyyuuum… I wanted to run once I started scrolling down the pictures…

I hope u find the assist you need here on GN! Some peeps are very informative.

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