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Insurance Specialists

Hi Growers Network, I’m so-glad to be here introducing myself. I work for S2S Insurance Specialists. We are a specialty insurance brokerage catering to the needs of the Marijuana Industry. If you have any questions about insurance or would like to review your current coverage and make sure you are insured properly, I am here to help. Drop me a line, I look forward to connecting with many of you.

David Rahn
S2S Insurance Specialists


Very nice to meet you @DavidS2S , welcome to Growers Network! Insurance (next to banking) are two areas I personally would like to know more about with the cannabis industry (questions I get asked a lot with growers and people I meet) and would love to talk with you sometimes to get a better understanding of your services offered or what may be necessary that was overlooked, etc.

Appreciated and looking forward to seeing you posting around here, let’s chat soon! :smiley:



I’m free to chat Thursday. I operate out of the East coast, do you have skype?


I do, PM incoming with my Skype info and let’s set up a time that’s convenient!

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Are you able to provide insurance quotes for Michigan?