Introducing - GroWash

GroWash is a powerful yet non-toxic, seed-to-sale, multi-purpose plant and root cleanser that can be used throughout a plant’s lifecycle in all traditional and organic farming operations.

GroWash is made of Electrolyzed Water (EW), which is made from just salt, water, and electricity.

if you grow from clones, GroWash can save you time, money, resources, and lots of headaches as it can be used as a standalone cloning solution to help keep your cloning trays clean and virtually eliminate the need to change out and clean cloning trays every 2-3 days.

\ During the trimming process throughout the vegetative and flowering phases, GroWash serves as an excellent plant wound care product.

GroWash can help keep your irrigation and other lines clean of debris, mineral deposits, and just about anything else that could cause issues with water flow so that your plants stay clean and healthy and it takes a very low ppm to achieve these results

GroWash will help you grow the cleanest cannabis in the world while saving you time, money, and resources.

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