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Introducing the Lighting Experts

I would like to introduce LumiGrow, a smart horticultural lighting company, as your expert lighting resource for the Growers Network.

As most of you cultivators must realize by now, horticultural lighting is rather complex, and there has been too much misinformation in the industry for too long, so we’re happy to come clear the air.

LumiGrow designs and manufactures a smart LED lighting solution comprised of dynamic LED lighting fixtures, controlled through our cloud-based software. Our software system named smartPAR, also integrates with various modules such as our recently released smartPAR Light Sensor Module (a light sensor that aggregates solar data in your greenhouse and automatically adjusts your LumiGrow fixtures to automatically create ideal lighting conditions every day of the year).

Our smart LED lighting system is hands down the most advanced lighting system on the market to-date. Taking complex lighting strategies that factor in spectrum, intensity, and photoperiod, and creating a largely automated solution has been no simple task.

Our in-house plant research team has worked with North America’s leading horticultural research institutions, Universities, and commercial cannabis, food, and floral enterprises, to advance the field of spectral science and is leading the world’s understanding of how light’s characteristics can be manipulated for better controlled growth.

Our team consists of PhD’s, former University professors, plant scientists, and specialists that focus on light and are here as a resource to answer your questions.

So please feel free to reach out to us whenever you like! We’re happy to answer your questions and provide lighting consultation for your grow.



Hi Brandon. Can you reference any peer-reviewed papers that quantify the desirability of spectrum engineering other than veg and bloom?