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Introduction: Voodoo - Canadian Master Grower - Green Culture Verte Incorporated

Hey Folks!

Name is Michael - Also known as Voodoo in the Canadian Free Market before legalization.
I’ve been growing “professionally” in the white pages since March 17th 2019 - But grew in the free markets for 23 years prior - outside, inside, greenhouse, hoophouse, HID, LED, SUP with both and have done some sifting from time to time - usually a few hundred at a time and consolidate - then repeat.

I’m a Master Grower for Green Culture Verte Inc - in Ontario - a Recreational/Luxury Cannabis Brand.

No Chems, Only Vegan Super-Soils - My Recipe

Looking forward to becoming a functioning member of this group.

Leafwire - Michael McConnell - Asgardian_Grower

Favorite Genetics - TGA, Bodhi, Dreamland, DJ Short
Favorite Cultivar - I don’t have one - But I used to like TGA Cherry Cola - Cannot be found anymore.


Welcome to GN. Super glad to see another grower join this community… More learning occasion for all of us! (basically me… :wink:)

Can’t wait to see some of your work!

Right now I’m chock full of Autoflowering Cultivars - 27 - When done flowering I will upload the growth, training and yield pics :slight_smile:

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