Inventory Management

What software do you guys use?

How do you keep track of the different genetics and strains?

Mj freeway, tried a few and this was the best software currently available when we made our switch about two years ago.


How do you like MJ Freeway? Have you had a chance to compare it with any other systems since you switched over?

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Truthfully No I haven’t, but I’m willing to look at other options out there.

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Yeah re-evaluating a big investment like that isn’t something you do frequently. I imagine switching would be a lot of work and you’d need a good reason to do so.

Anyone else want to chime in with what software they use and how it compares with MJ Freeway?


If you are interested in checking out alternatives I’d be happy to show you our system :slight_smile:

Meadow’s dispensary and delivery software integrates your POS, patient intake system, inventory, and delivery logistics into one system.

We started at the retail end of the industry but have been working with an increasing number of cultivators, manufacturers and distributors to provide software solutions to keep their operations efficient and compliant.

If you’re interested or have questions, get in touch! [email protected]