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Investment opportunity


I wanted to introduce myself and my company. Thrive Society is a cannabis group in California, with a operations in distribution, extraction, and manufacturing of cannabis infused innovative, value-added products. We bring to market wholesale producers, and mission-driven brands that connect consumers to the source of the heritage culture of clean cannabis. Through supporting diverse and independent cannabis communities, and promoting sustainable agriculture and practices, we drive the consumer demand for responsibly produced cannabis. We are seeking investors. I have my pitch deck and documents available if you are interested in hearing more. Please email me for more information.

Danielle Dao
[email protected]
Thrive Society


Hi Danielle - hoping to connect.

Our energy consulting firm is the second fastest growing company in the state of RI and we serve MA and the rest of northeast in the deregulated energy states. We provide significant cost avoidance strategies for the energy procurement of over 2000 clients at no extra cost - including TF Green Airport, General Dynamics/Electric Boat, numerous municipalities, housing authorities, hotel groups, food and restaurant chains, retail chains, colleges, regional manufacturers, processing plants, maritime businesses, senior care facilities, medical centers and cannabis facilities. We also work directly with RI Lt. Governor Daniel McKee on non-profit energy initiatives and partner with leading CPAs, attorneys and LED providers specializing in cannabis.

I would like to connect with you to explore how we can help your projects in the northeast NETA_Success_Story_OnePage.pdf (461.1 KB)
improve your energy position and avoid future costs. We have some strategies designed specifically for cannabis cultivators - see recent case study.


Kent Jordan
Vice President of Sales
Best Practice Energy
Wakefield, RI
PH: 401-594-2312
Email: [email protected]

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Please send a pitch deck to [email protected]…I am in the Midwest…Thanks,Michael B